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Based in St. Paul, Collins is a full-service electrical and technology contractor committed to helping commercial and industrial customers achieve the very best outcomes for their projects.

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Collins’ quality of work was top notch. I appreciate the high skill level, positive attitude and flexibility of everyone who worked on the job.

Owners Representative | 3M Company

Big Thanks

A big thanks to you and your team (Shelley Hill and Phil Marten) for planning and working the details for a successful job.  Special thanks to Shelley for working the late shift and her knowledge of our plant.

A successful job

Vic, Corey, and Dan were instrumental in the success of this job. Their preparation of the electrical configuration for the near complete draining of the melter was exemplary. The success of the final main power connections shows their knowledge of their field and the operation of the melter. We would not have had this success without their efforts.

Much appreciated

You guys rock! Much appreciated!

Great Customer Service

Thank you for sending Ben—he's absolutely amazing! I don't think enough good things are reported back to the office, so I just wanted to say that Ben is great, does a wonderful job, and communicates with us really well. We just really appreciate him, his great customer service, and wonderful work ethic.

Amazing response

We had a power outage last night. The ground water pumps tripped out and the OEC vault filled up with water, blowing the main fuse. Jim responded to Dan Hoffmann’s call and came in last night to help restore power. I have a lot of respect for his quick response and appreciate having him and Collins servicing our campus.

Nice work!

Jeremy did an awesome job today with the rental hookup on 2nd Street. Once again, nice work by Collins.

Love the Lighting!

Everyone here is so happy with the lighting, and I can’t thank you enough for all your time and help with this project. Shelley is doing an amazing job!

Trustworthy Crews

I did a number of inspections at H&M including the final. I do not believe a single correction was written. The crews were all top notch! It is good for a person in my position to have trust in the people and the contractor and their word, especially on these large projects.

Great Foreman

Collins onsite foreman was great. He kept his team and even the other contractors pushing forward.

Great Job!

I heard from the homeowner today that the Collins crew did a great job! Please pass this along to the team. 

The Extra Mile

Wednesday evening two guys from Collins were working late and noticed the front doors were not secure. They went out of their way to find a phone number and waited until I got there to lock the doors. I wanted to personally thank them!


I just walked every resident room today and condensed Collins’ punch list to just 11 items, none of which were critical. This reflects the diligent work of Scott and Mark and their crews. I wanted to pass on the compliment as we keep working on the Lower Level.

Quick, Quality Work

I want to thank you for the work on 82A. The quality of work was top notch and the hard work that was put in helped us maintain our ASAP schedule. I appreciate the high skill level that was made available—it resulted in a clean and accurate assembly that will minimize our commissioning time. I also appreciate the positive attitudes, flexibility, and willingness to help of everyone who worked on the job.

Rock Stars

THANK YOU for the amazing work last night!  I’m so grateful for your teamwork and professionalism (not that I would expect anything less).  You did an outstanding job and deserve to be acknowledged for it! Again, you have my deepest appreciation. Well done, rock stars!

Helpful & Knowledgable

Just a quick word on how much I appreciate the work of your crews at MOA, including the Nordstrom remodel. Because your crews are so tuned into the items and code criteria that we use to evaluate equipment and installations, they can proactively help customers understand requirements before I come out for inspection. All I can say is well done. I appreciate the great work you all do!

Above & Beyond

Mark is the best!  He’s super helpful, personable, and just an all around good guy. He stayed longer than he needed to today and worked above and beyond what he’s expected to do…just as he always does!

Best We've Worked With

I have been doing this type of work for a long time, and the Collins electricians at the Mall of America are the best we have ever worked with.

Great Job

Thank you to Collins for doing a great job on the Ewing Apartments—we are really happy with the work you completed on this project!

Amazing Electricians

We were finally up and running at 8 p.m. last night. A total of seven screws were in the way of the new line going through and two had penetrated the line. Collins' electricians were amazing. They kept going through all the hurdles until the job was finished.

Wonderful Job

I did not fully understand the hard work Dave did yesterday. He did a wonderful job, it was very nice of him to take the time to come out here and talk with me. Thank you for all of the attention and help!

Responsive & Helpful

It was a pleasure to work with Warren—he was really responsive and helpful. It's always very important these items get done quickly, and Warren exceeded our expectations.

Right on Schedule

Collins provided a lot of insight into the schedule and pushed some of the other trades to keep the project on track.

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