3M: Fabrication Services Support

Celebrating 30+ Years of Manufacturing-Based Collaboration

For more than three decades, Collins has worked with 3M engineers to build the complex manufacturing equipment needed to produce the multinational corporation’s products. From Post-it notes to PPE equipment, sandpaper to glass, Collins has supported 3M’s sole Fabrications Services department, helping it build reliable machines that will go into operation across the globe and successfully produce hundreds of diverse products.

World-Class Talent

Each year, Collins provides 3M’s Fabrication Services department with approximately 8,000 labor hours, pulling only those individuals with the right talent from its pool of more than 250 electrical professionals. In many cases, these selected professionals have expertise in control wiring and logic, as well as the technical ability to read complex, original plans.

We’re not just running power to these machines. We’re building these machines.

Jon Wahlberg, project manager | Collins
Effective Collaboration

3M teams all over the world generate product ideas. When the best of these ideas are greenlighted, Collins engages, collaborating with 3M engineers from Singapore to St. Paul to build machines capable of bringing these new products to life.

Experienced Management

The machines that produce 3M products are diverse and complex. But, thanks to the longstanding relationship between Collins and 3M’s Fabrication Services department, Collins’ experienced project managers can help 3M navigate this complexity and mitigate the risks inherent to new product development through well-managed labor and knowledgeable project oversight.

I appreciate the accuracy with which Collins completes my projects

Senior Controls Engineer | 3M

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