Xcel Engery Prairie Island
Xcel Engery Prairie Island
Xcel Engery Prairie Island

Xcel Nuclear Generating Station

Increased Electricity Generation in Monticello

The Monticello Nuclear Generating Station, located 40 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, generates approximately 10 percent of the electricity used by Xcel Energy’s customers in the Upper Midwest. The plant helps Xcel Energy avoid producing hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases, including 13 million tons of carbon, which is the equivalent of removing two million cars from the road each year.

Collins successfully completed the Extended Power Uprate project for Xcel Energy. The scope included increasing capacity of the plant by 12 percent and extending the licensing for 25 years.

  • Peak crew on site: 285 workers manning the project 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Installation of over 150,000 feet of control cabling, 3,000 feet of 5-inch rigid conduit.
  • Collins’ largest construction project to date, over 300,000 labor hours during the five-month shutdown.



Xcel Nuclear


Welch, Minnesota

Work Completed:

Switchgear, control, feeders, and terminations on (2) 8,000HP feed pumps and (2) 6,000HP condensate pumps, Replacement of main 1R and 2R transformers (15kV to 35kV) and associated 15kV bus duct feeders, Replacement of (2) 3 MW gen-sets, Installation of new 15kV switchgear and motor control, Conversion of plant distribution system from 5kV to 15kV, Fiber optic cable installation and splicing for communication and new remote camera system