Attracting more than 32 million visitors each year, Mall of America has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. To protect its shoppers, MOA employs a rigorously-trained team of security officers and hundreds of surveillance cameras that monitor parking areas, entrances, and public spaces. When it became evident that MOA’s aging legacy camera system couldn’t sustain the same innovative trajectory as other systems on the market, the mall turned to Collins (MOA’s long-term integration partner) to assist.

Collins project manager Mark North suggested that the camera portfolio from Axis would provide a solution for nearly every situation the Mall encountered—and that their technology would be compatible with the mall’s Genetec video management system. Upon being selected for the project, Axis provided a solution that included panoramic, pan/tilt/zoom, dome, and body-worn cameras which augment bike and foot patrols as well as K-9 units.

Wil Bernhjelm, Vice President of Security for Mall of America, is pleased with the upgrade. “Bringing our comprehensive surveillance and security system into modern times with the addition of Axis cameras has only made our operations stronger and more efficient.” He adds, “There are so many different environments within Mall of America, and the new cameras provide us with the advanced features and flexibility we need to meet each area’s unique surveillance challenges.”

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